Karlee, 28

“Around the month of October of 2018, I quit my membership at Planet Fitness. After being a member there for so long, I finally realized I was not good about going there to work out to begin with. I would go in spurts and be really good about working out a few times a week for a few weeks or 6 weeks straight and then would eventually go only a couple times a week to just stopping altogether. I got tired of paying for something that I wasn’t regularly using, and I clearly wasn’t getting the results I was looking for because I personally didn’t push myself enough to keep going.

After I quit that membership, I kept seeing advertisements on the Groupon app for Total Body Boot Camp and was intrigued by what they had to offer, but was nervous about jumping into trying it out right away. When I was Christmas shopping with my mom one evening in November, I mentioned to her that I was interested in trying out TBBC and she said it sounded like a great idea, but I should at least try changing my diet or find another option before I jump into something like that because it’s not easy. She was right. One of the things she suggested was trying the weight watchers app and a few days later, that’s what I did. Fast forward to six weeks later and just by using the app, I gradually lost my initial 10 pounds.

TBBC was still in the back of my mind, but I still was nervous about trying it out. When the holidays came and went, I had some resolutions for 2019 that I wanted to accomplish and being better about my health was definitely one of them. I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and sign up. A few days later, I walked in for my first session, and whether I knew it at the time or not, my life changed for the better.

My first few weeks there were tough, and I ended up injuring my knee early on in one of the sessions. I still tried and kept working out a few times a week though, but I wore a knee brace for a couple months afterwards because a lot of the exercises were hard on my knee that I injured. I wanted the brace more for stability and I noticed my knee felt better afterwards when I would wear it during my sessions.

Eventually, I got to a point when I didn’t have to wear the brace anymore and my whole body felt so much stronger than it ever did before. I was nervous about not using my brace and not relying on it so much, but then I increased my water intake throughout the day and that helped a lot with my knee pain itself.

After my Groupon ended, I had a conversation with Dave and Jake about starting my membership and I’m very glad I decided to stay and keep going with TBBC. It definitely gives you a push if you’re willing to do the work and push yourself. I like the smaller class sizes because of the attention and coaching that is offered throughout the sessions. Each session is different, and you’re still challenged enough during each one to try to further reach for whatever goal you’re striving for. The community of other members there are also great motivators too.

Between changing my diet in the beginning of my weight loss journey with the weight watchers app and working out at TBBC, I’m down a pants size, have lost 12+ inches overall, and have lost 25 pounds as of right now. I don’t think I would’ve ever seen results like that for myself if I stayed with Planet Fitness and never joined TBBC. It would’ve taken me quite a while to get there on my own. I won’t ever regret my decision with joining TBBC! If it can change my life in the ways that it has, it can definitely change yours! Try and see for yourself!”

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“Around the month of October of 2018, I quit my membership at Planet Fitness. After being a member there for so long, I finally realized I was not g…
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