Dave G Nelson

I’ve have been involved in the fitness realm for many years, through the 90’s I lived and breathed the gym atmosphere, I was competing in body building and fitness competitions and always carried the “Can Do” attitude. I played Semi-Professional football until 31 years of age and I revel in team atmosphere and group participation. My heart is older but the drive to be better never ceases. I look forward to participating in classes and do my best to motivate all who attend.

With 32 years of Finance and Sales and Marketing provides me with the tools to take customer service to the next level. I love getting to know members on a more personal aspect, earn their respect and work hard to keep facility looking and functioning at peak performance. I’m currently Semi-Retired and with the help of Jakob Nelson decided to make this dream of owning a fitness facility a reality.

Looking forward to being a part of the city of Grand Ledge and surrounding areas, such as joining the City of Commerce and involving myself in local charities and youth sports. I’m a father of three great men and love the role of the being a Grandfather to three Grandchildren. Can’t wait to be a part of something larger than myself, including assistance in weight loss and helping those to strive to meet their fitness goals. Dream of mine is to hear one of our members thank me for starting Total Body Boot camp!