4-Week Fat Burning Challenge

WEIGHT LOSS. There I said it. So many people want it and don’t know how to make it happen. They try and fail or think it’s just not possible for them. How many times have you heard “It’s just my genetics” or “I tried but nothing works”?

The thing is everyone can lose weight. Yes, that’s right. EVERYONE. The reason most can’t achieve their weight loss goal is because they don’t know what to do or they lack someone to motivate and keep them accountable.

Our awesome 4-Week Fat Burning Challenge is back and with a cash prize of up to $400!! This 4-week challenge is designed to get you in the best shape of your life and just in time for this 4th of July. The best part is you won’t have to do it alone! Our 4-Week group training program has professional trainers, who will be there to help and motivate you to burn that unwanted fat away and lose inches, using our awesome 30-minute Total Body workouts.

We strive to change the lives of everyone who steps through our door and you are next!! You will see the results you have always been hoping for!!


  • Non-Members $132 – Sign Up Online or in Person
  • Members $50 – Sign Up Online or In Person


Orientation videos will be sent out the week of May 27.

Sign-Ups for Weigh-Ins and Measurements will be also during the week of May 27.

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